We recently reported that an article about John Swales has been included in the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Since then, we have found out that yet another of our faculty is featured in this new encyclopedia. Nick Ellis, a Professor in the Department of Psychology and Research Scientist in the English Language Institute, also holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Linguistics. Nick is world leader and active researcher in the fields of language acquisition and corpus linguistics. Inclusion in this encyclopedia is well-deserved recognition for the contributions that he has made to these areas of research. More information about the article is available here. The full abstract is given below.

Ellis, Nick

Nick Ellis (1953– ) is a British psychologist who is best known for his influential research and publications on the cognitive aspects underlying second language (L2) acquisition and processing. A leading figure in L2 research, his work covers a wide range of topics, including implicit and explicit learning, emergentism, usage-based approaches to language acquisition, construction grammar, frequency effects in language, reading and spelling acquisition, and developmental dyslexia. In terms of methodology, Ellis has addressed these topics by means of behavioral experiments (e.g., Ellis, 1993; Ellis & Schmidt, 1997, 1998; Ellis & Sagarra, 2010), analysis of large-scale corpora (e.g., Ellis & Ferreira-Junior, 2009; Ellis & O’Donnell, in press), and computational modeling (e.g., Ellis & Schmidt, 1997, 1998; Ellis & Larsen-Freeman, 2009a). His research has been funded by a substantial number of grants, including highly competitive awards from the National Science Foundation (United States), the Economic and Social Research Council, and the Medical Research Council (both United Kingdom).