The Department of Linguistics is proud to be the host for Mid-Phon 18, the the eighteenth meeting of the Mid-Continental Phonetics & Phonology Conference. This conference has been bringing together researchers, both students and faculty, from across the Midwestern US and Canada for nearly two decades. This year's conference has participants from more than ten different universities, and  features more than 30 presentations on topics ranging from phonological opacity in Berbice Dutch Creole, to how autistic traits impact compensation for coarticulation during speech perception. Full information on the conference, including a complete program, is available on the conference website. Registration for the conference is done on site, and it is therefore not yet too late for you to decide to attend.

What: Mid-Phon 18

When: Friday 3/22 to Sunday 2/24

Where: Friday in 1636 School of Social Work Building, Saturday and Sunday in 4448 East Hall

For more information, contact the co-chairs of the organizing committee: Mike Opper or San Duanmu.