This year's Marshall Weinberg Cognitive Science Symposium will be hosted on Friday (April 5) by the Department of Psychology. The Weinberg Symposium is an annual interdisciplinary event that focuses on cognitive science, including a philosophical commentary. The symposium is made possible by a generous endowment by Marshall M. Weinberg (B.A., Philosophy, 1950). The previous Weinberg Symposium was hosted by our Department as part of the College's theme semester on language, and had "bilingualism" as  a theme. This year's symposium focuses on "rationality", with the theme: "Rethinking rationality and its bounds". The symposium will feature presentations by leading national scholars in cognitive science, and is open to all - no registration is required to attend.

Full information on this year's symposium is available here. Below is a schedule of the main events of the symposium.

8:30 am:     Continental Breakfast

9:15 am:      Welcome remarks by Dean Terry McDonald

9:30 am:      Introduction by Professor Rick Lewis

9:40 am:     "A Normative View on Motor Control" Konrad Körding (Norhwestern University)

10:40 am:     Coffee Break

11:10 am:    "The Origins of Inquiry: Inference and Exploration in Early Childhood"  Laura Schulz (MIT)

12:10 pm:     Lunch

1:30 pm:     "The Capacity Constraint on Cognitive Control: In Search of a Rational Account"  Jonathan Cohen (Princeton)

2:30 pm:     Coffee Break

3:00 pm:       "Moving Beyond Levels of Explanation" David Danks (Carnegie Mellon)

4:00 pm:      Panel Discussion with Audience Questions

4:45 pm:     Reception