A milestone in a graduate student career is progressing to candidacy and earning the status of "All But Dissertation" (ABD). In our Department, that status is conferred on students when they have completed their "Qualifying Research Paper" (QRP). Over the past few months, three students from our third year graduate cohort have successfully completed their QRP's and have joined the ranks of the ABD's. The QRP is an important part of graduate education in linguistics. It represents the first opportunity for a graduate student to conduct an independent, large scale research project. The expectation is that a QRP should be of exceptional quality, and that it should be publishable in a peer reviewed linguistics journal. The three recently completed QRP's in our Department definitely meet this high standard. Congratulations to Mike Opper, Jae-Young Shim and Sujeewa Hattiarachchi for jobs well done. The titles of their QRP's, with links to the abstracts, are given below.

Mike Opper: An Experimental Study of Truncated Compounds in English (abstract)

Sujeewa Hettiarachchi: Sinhala Scrambling: Topic/Focus-driven A-bar Movement 

Jae-Young Shim: External Merge by Phase (abstract)