Ezra Keshet presented a paper on March 24 at the 37th Penn Linguistics Colloquium. The Penn Linguistics Colloquium is one of the longest-running graduate student organized conferences in linguistics. It has grown into a major linguistics conference that brings together linguists from many different theoretical frameworks for an exchange of ideas. This year's conference featured over 70 presentations by both linguistics faculty and graduate students from across the US and abroad.

Ezra's paper, titled "Sloppy Identity with no Binding", was one of eight papers that focussed specifically on semantics. In his paper, Ezra argues for a new way of analyzing sentences in which pronouns can received so-called "sloppy" readings. Counter to previous approaches that explained sloppy readings via c-command and binding, Ezra shows that there are sentences where non-bounded pronouns can receive sloppy readings. He suggests a more discourse-oriented account for these sloppy readings. An abstract for Ezra's talk is available here.