Our Department recently added a capstone senior seminar to the undergraduate major. These capstone seminars, which are taken by linguistics majors in their senior year, have a different topic each semester, but are all designed to allow students to integrate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during their years of linguistics study. This semester's seminars, led by Professor Carmel O'Shannessy, focussed on the documentation of the understudied language Mandinka. Mandinka is a member of the Mande language family, and is spoken across several countries in western central Africa. Students in the seminar met weekly with a native speaker of Mandinka, and through elicitation techniques like those used in linguistic fieldwork, explored different aspects of the grammar of Mandinka. Students also learned to use different software packages designed to assist in language documentation.

The students who participated in this semester's capstone seminar will present the culmination of their exploration of Mandinka at a poster session this Wednesday. The whole Department is invited to attend this event. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the interesting language Mandinka, and to see what our students have been up to. More information about this event is given below.

What: Capstone Poster Session on "Documenting Mandinka"

When: Wednesday, April 17, 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Where: 471 Lorch Hall

Refreshments will be served!