Our Department hosted MidPhon 18 (the 18th meeting of the Mid-Continental Phonetics & Phonology Conference) from March 22 to 24. MidPhon has been bringing together researchers and students in the fields of phonetics and phonology for nearly two decades from across the mid-continental region of the US and Canada. MidPhon has always been an informal and collegial meeting where ideas are exchanged and problems are solved collaboratively. This year's meeting was no exception. Thirty five different papers were presented, by graduate students and faculty from at least 14 different universities. 

Our own faculty and students were also well represented under the presenters, with no fewer than six presentations by current or former students and faculty. Full information about these presentations, including links to their abstracts, is given below.

*Matt is an undergrad alum of our Department, and is now completing a PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders at McGill University. He presented on work together with his collaborators Linda Polka and Lucie Ménard.