Tridha Chatterjee gave a presentation at the 19th Sociolinguistics Symposium in Berlin, Germany during August. The annual Sociolinguistics Symposium is Europe's premier international conference on language in society, and we are proud for being represented at this event. Tridha's presentation, based on her recently completed QRP, was titled "Bengali English Codeswitching: A focus on the third verb in bilingual compound verbs". In this presentation, she reports on the fieldwork that she conducted in India during 2010. Although bilingual compound verbs are common in codeswitching, compound verbs in Bengali English codeswitching are unusual in that they often contain three verbs - an English verb providing the lexical meaning, followed by two Bengali verbs providing more grammatical information. Tridha's presentation focused on the function of the third verb in these Bengali English compound verbs. The full abstract of her presentation is available here.