The Department's new Journal Club met for the first time this past Friday (9/28). The meeting was well attended by linguistics faculty and students, and also by other interested parties - faculty from affiliated Departments and visitors to Lorch Hall. No-one counted the attendees, but a good estimate would be that we were about twenty people present.

We discussed a paper by Janet Pierrehumbert - her 2001-paper on "Stochastic Phonology".  The paper was not "presented" by anyone - we all participated in discussing the ideas in the paper, and in process helped each other to understand the paper better, and to extrapolate beyond the paper to issues relevant to our own research.

Everyone in attendance agreed that the meeting was a success and that we want to make these Journal Club meetings a new tradition. We agreed that we will discuss this new paper by Shana Poplack and colleagues at our next meeting. This paper addresses many of the issues that are central to the research programs of both faculty and students in our Department. It deals with syntactic theory, language contact, language change, bilingualism, and the influence of social factors on all of these. You can download a copy from the Library's website (after signing in with your UM uniqname). Or you can request a copy from Andries Coetzee.

The next meeting of the Journal Club will be on a non-colloquium Friday in October. The specific date will be decided on soon, and the meeting will then be announced.