Harim Kwon had a busy conference schedule this summer. In addition to a presentation in Hong Kong in May on which we reported earlier here, Harim also gave a talk at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea in Stockholm at the end of August. Harim's talk, titled "Adaptation of English Word-final Plosives into Korean:
Effects of English Experience", was presented in a special session on "Loanwords as evidence in formal linguistics", where she shared the stage with some of the leading researchers on loanword phonology. Harim's talk was based on her recently completed QRP. She argued that the patterns of loanword adaption from English into Korean are based at least partially on how Korean listeners perceive English speech. Based on a carefully designed perception experiment, however, she shows that Korean listeners with different levels of exposure to English also perceive English differently. In order to understand patterns of loanword adaption, it is therefore necessary to identify who the loanword adapters are. Speakers with different levels of exposure to the donor language will adapt loanwords differently.