The second meeting of the Linguistics Journal Club will take place this Friday (10/19), at 4 pm, in Lorch 473. Building on our successful first meeting, this meeting will again be structured as a joint discussion of a paper. For this week, we will read a new paper by Shana Poplack and colleagues on language contact and syntactic change in Quebec French. This paper is a good example of research that combines formal linguistic theory and issues from language contact/change/socionlinguistics. The paper can be accessed through the Library's catalog. You can also request a copy from Andries Coetzee. Come join us! All is welcome.

Poplack, Shana, Zentz, Lauren & Dion, Nathalie. 2012. Phrase-final prepositions in Quebec-French: An empirical study of contact, code-switching and resistance to convergence. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 15, 2. 203-225.