Andries Coetzee will present in Phondi this Friday (October 26, 1 pm, Lorch 473) on a new project about his native language, Afrikaans. This will also be a practice run for a colloquium that he will give about this topic later in November.

The title of his presentation is "On the origin of voicing co-occurrence restrictions: The case of Afrikaans". In this presentation, he documents a new voicing co-occurrence restriction in Afrikaans, relying on lexical evidence, wug-tests, and data from non-standard minority varieties of Afrikaans. By carefully tracing the development of Afrikaans from Dutch, he shows that the Afrikaans restriction did not arise via either a listener-oriented perceptual route a la Ohala, nor via a speaker-oriented articulatory route. The Afrikaans restriction is, rather, an accidental side-effect of a series of independent sound changes that applied in the development from Dutch to Afrikaans. More information, including a full abstract, is available here.