NWAV (New Ways of Analyzing Variation) is in its 4th decade now, and remains the premier conference for linguists working on language variation and sociolinguistics more generally. The 41st NWAV conference was recently held at Indiana University, and, as always, Michigan was well-represented. No fewer than four people with a Michigan connection presented at NWAV 41. Links to the abstracts of their presentation can be accessed by clicking the title of the presentations below.

Carmel O'Shannessy (faculty member in Linguistics): Development of an innovative auxiliary paradigm in Light Warlpiri, a new mixed code in northern Australia.

Hayley Heaton (graduate student in Linguistics): As Seen on TV: An Acoustic Analysis of American Southern Dialect in Fictional Television Programs.

Nicholas Henriksen (faculty member in Romance Language and Literatures): Covert and overt prestige in Manchego Spanish: Segmental and suprasegmental findings.

Lauren Squires (PhD alum, now on faculty at OSU): The lady pond beyond "the lady pond": Variation in circulation, from TV to Twitter.