John Swales thought that 2012 would be a quieter year, but it does not seem to be turning out quite like that. He has a new research project with Justine Neiderhiser (doctoral program in English and education), Kohlee Kennedy and Patrick Kelly (juniors in linguistics) and Carla Vergaro (visiting scholar from Italy) on the use of directives in the MICUSP corpus. We explore two competing hypotheses:
1) Seniors and junior grads rarely use imperatives in their writing much because they are writing for their professors and such usage could be seen as face-threatening; 
2) Such student writers accommodate to the published conventions of their disciplinary field. 

At the end of March, he is down for an all-day workshop at Michel CharollesLinguistics Lab at Paris 3. In June, he will be giving a plenary at an ESP conference in Ankara, but stopping first to see Professor Didar Akar (1998 PhD, Linguistics U-M) in Istanbul. Later in June, he’s on stage again at the “Rethinking Genre” conference in Ottawa. As for the second half of the year, at the moment this consists of two trips to Spain, one for an all-day workshop and the other for a conference. But watch this space for updates.