The Linguistics blog is back from summer hiatus and is now available as the "News" feature on the new Linguistics website.  Your trusty blog editor is working to clear the backlog from this downtime.  Meanwhile, please enjoy a few of my favorite choices from last year's blog naming contest.  Unfortunately, the functionalities of the software running the new site do not allow for a special name for the blog, but just for fun:

  • From Lauren Squires:
    • News From the Fourth Floor
    • On the L@M [Linguists @ Michigan]
    • MLing
    • ANiMaL [All the News in Michigan Linguistics]
  • From Kevin McGowan:
    • MiLiEU [Michigan Linguistics Events and Updates]
    • LAME [Linguistics at Michigan Events]
    • WHaM [What's Happening at Michigan]