From John Swales (Emeritus):

2011 Activities of a retired Professor of Linguistics

In March, I gave colloquia at the Linguistics Department at North Texas and at the Applied
Linguistics Department at Penn State
, the latter rather grandly called the “Gorski Lecture”. In
April, I attended the biennial meeting of the British Association of Lecturers in English for
Academic Purposes
, opening the proceedings with the George Blue Memorial Lecture. June
saw me giving a plenary at PRISEAL II (publishing research internationally with English as
an additional language) and another at a conference in Bergamo on Variation in Academic
. In October, I go to an ESP conference in Xi’an, China and then Quinhua University
in Beijing for a series of eight lectures. So, I keep waving the Michigan flag around in various

In the middle of the year, the University of Michigan Press published two further small advanced
writing textbooks (both with Christine Feak)
. The press also at around this time kindly re-issued
(with a new introduction) the small monograph I wrote in Birmingham, UK entitled Aspects
of Article Introductions
. Meanwhile Chris Feak and I are trying to finish the third edition of
Academic Writing for Graduate Students, more hurriedly than we might wish but the press is
anxious to have it since it is one of their bestsellers.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students Aspects of Article Introductions