Linguistics at UMichigan was well-represented at MidPhon 17, held October 21-23 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Despite the daunting requirement of many hours driving through unutterable flatness, a full seven of our students and faculty attended the very lively three-day conference, at which research by Michigan undergrads, graduate students and professors was presented, discussed, debated and applauded.

All this effort paid off -- for example, it was determined the business meeting that we will be hosting MidPhon 18 next fall.

Talks and posters are listed below; abstracts are available in the program

Xinting Zhang
Cue-weighting in the perception of prosodic boundaries in Chinese and English

Andries Coetzee:
The distribution of obstruent voicing in Afrikaans

San Duanmu:
Word-length preferences in Chinese [N N] and [V O]

Andries W. Coetzee, Miyeon Ahn, Emily Mange, & Emily Reimann
Speech rate and the perceptual restoration of deleted vowels

Anne-Michelle Tessier
Variability in child phonology: Consequences for learning with parallel vs. serial grammars