San Duanmu reports:

I am enjoying my sabbatical this semester. I made a one-week visit to Seoul in January and gave some talks there. I also met two of our former students, Hyo-young Kim (PhD 2000, now at Kookmin University) and Mi-ryoung Kim (PhD 2000, now at Korea Cyber University), and they kindly took me for some sightseeing of Seoul. I was glad that they were both doing well.

I gave two talks at Korea University (The 2011 Winter International Conference on Linguistics in Seoul (WICLIS-2011) in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Korean Association for the Study of English Language and Linguistics (KASELL), Seoul, Korea):

1. “English syllables and the Weight-Stress Principle.”
2. “Vowels and vowel features in the world’s languages.”

I also gave four talks at Hanyang University, to some faculty and graduate students in Chinese studies. Since some of them did not speak English very well, I was asked to give the talks in Chinese. Here are the topics:

1. “Chinese syllable structure.”
2. “Contrast, features, and articulatory gestures.”
3. “Word-length combinations in Chinese: prosodic patterns in text corpora.”
4. “Stress, information, and language typology.”