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PhD Alumni 1997 - 1999


1999 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Peggy Goetz

Yoshimi Miyake

  • Dissertation: The Japanese "deferential" prefix O: a natural history
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Heath
  • Current Position/Title: Associate Professor, Akita University

Alicia Wassink


1998 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Didar Akar

  • Dissertation: Patterns and variations in contemporary written business communications in Turkey: a genre study in four companies
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Priscilla Rogers and John Swales
  • CurrentĀ Position/Title: Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Bogazici University

Dorothy K. Evans-Romaine

James Harnsberger

Sarah Shin


1997 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Ummul Ahmad

  • Dissertation: Scientific research articles in Malay: a situated discourse analysis
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales
  • Current Position/Title: Associate Professor in Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Matthew Gordon

Laura GrandeĀ 

  • Dissertation: From "get" to "can": a natural semantic metalanguage study of Chinese de constructions in three pre-modern text samples
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: William Baxter

Rita Simpson

  • Dissertation: Negotiating identities in Thai Conversation: a sociolinguistic discourse analysis of person-referring expressions
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Rosina Lippi-Green and Lesley Milroy