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Latina/o Studies Minor

The academic minor in Latina/o Studies is intended for students who wish to develop a coherent understanding of the contributions of the Latina/o presence in American culture, history, and society. A primary objective of our minor is to engage students in a variety of disciplinary approaches to the study of U.S.-Latina/os as well as to introduce them to the central intellectual questions and topics that have emerged in this field of inquiry. The Latina/o Studies Program minor consists of fifteen (15) credit units. Students are required to enroll in AMCULT 213: Introduction to Latino Studies (3 credits) as a pre-requisite. A minor in Latina/o Studies would supplement concentrations in traditional humanities and social science disciplines by providing content knowledge of Latina/o communities. Students should meet with the Director of the Latina/o Studies Program to discuss their academic plans.

Core Components


LATINOAM/AMCULT 213: Introduction to Latina/o Studies. (3 credits)


1.) Two courses; (6) credit hours, may be chosen from any of the following 4 courses:

LATINOAM/AMCULT 315/HISTORY 377. History of Latinos in the United States. (4 credits)

LATINOAM/AMCULT 327/ENGLISH 387. Latino/Latina Literature of the United States (3 credits)

LATINOAM/AMCULT 381/SAC 381. Latinas/Latinos and the Media (3 credits)

LATINOAM/AMCULT 243/WOMENSTD 243. Latina Women in the U.S. (3 credits)

2.) Three courses; nine (9) credit hours, of elective courses on Latina/o Studies, at least one of which must be at the 400 level. One course below the 300-level (including a freshman seminar on Latina/o studies topic) may be used to fulfill this requirement. Courses that a student did not use in Requirement 1, can be used to fulfill electives. Students may elect a comparative ethnic studies course that includes a Latina/o component.

The required courses are intended to provide an upper-level overview of Latina/o history, contemporary society, and cultural production.

Additional Components


Available elective courses on Latina/o topics include:

LATINOAM/AMCULT 313/ANTHRCUL 314 “Cuba and Its Diaspora”

LATINOAM/AMCULT 226 “The Latin Tinge”

LATINOAM/AMCULT 304/SOC 304 “American Immigration”

LATINOAM/AMCULT 420/Spanish 420 “Latin American and Latino/a Film Studies”

There are other more specific topics, particularly in history, Religious Studies, Media, literature, and sociology. All existing courses are presently listed in the American Culture curriculum. Electives may also be drawn from occasional special offerings in other units such as English, Sociology and Anthropology. These courses will vary (such as topics courses) and will be subject to review of the syllabus and approval by the Director of Latina/o Studies.