Judaic Studies professors Deborah Dash Moore, Devi Mays and Bryan Roby were featured in the most recent Humanities Collaboratory newsletter for their work within their 5x5 Incubator Grant team. Their project is titled, "Making Sense of Diasporas: Pedagogy and Public Engagement."

Along with Evyn Kropf, librarian for Middle East Studies and Kira Thurman, Assistant Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures/History, they have been working on developing a "suitcase exercise" which asks students to bring 10-15 items that they would bring if they had to move to a new country quickly. The exercise is designed to help students understand explore diasporic identities and issues of migration.

Designed to spark compelling conversations, 5x5 Incubator Grants bring together small groups of faculty, lecturers, research scientists, librarians, curators, post-docs and other university scholars from a range of fields for a short-term engagement in exploring common interests.