Congratulations to Assosicate Professor Shachar Pinsker, Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor of History Deborah Dash Moore, and Assistant Librarian Alix Keener on winning research funding through MCubed for their project “Mapping Modern Jewish Diasporic Cultures.”

MCubed is a research funding program at the University of Michigan that seed funds multi-unit faculty led teams. Faculty from at least two different campus departments come together to request funding on a research project that involves collaborative research among the different units.

The project description reads: "Histories of modern Jewish cultures face the challenge of how to fathom complex issues of place and space. Because Jews never conformed to the national concept of the unity of people, language and territory, modern Jewish culture developed within shifting borders of empires and nation-states. Jews are a transnational people with multiple diasporas, and this project will map the migration of multilingual literary and visual cultures across the long 20th century. Using innovative digital tools and databases, we plan to visualize the ways in which tension exists between being transnational and diasporic, but also grounded in a particular place; belonging to both global and local cultures. We hope to take macro and micro views of this network of people, analyzing both the diasporic and individual levels, as well as a multimedia view, such as visual and textual analogs. Digital humanities tools will allow us to map a non-linear, multimodal narrative."

The team will present on their project at the MCubed Symposium on November 1, 2017.


Photo Credit: Sy Kattelson, "Wallace Rally," 1948