The proposed project aims at creating instructional modules based on Indian films for teaching Hindi and Urdu language, sociolinguistic nuances and South Asian culture. As Indian films cover a wide range of topics and varied and authentic language, we will experiment with carefully chosen clips to use as a teaching resource for the two languages. The idea of using film in teaching a language is not new and we ourselves currently use some film in our teaching, but it is not integrated to the degree that we would like and we want to create a consistent and systematic approach to taking advantage of the rich content that film has to offer. We plan to incorporate film in our teaching material in the classrooms and for home assignments. Films are very useful in teaching language, communicating cultural values, attitudes and behaviors. It is our belief that film will prove to be very effective in bringing the outside world to our classrooms. Film topics will stimulate interactive, motivating and creative classroom discussion. The students will get ample opportunities to watch the clips at home and learn and practice language in appropriate contexts and situations. Activities targeting observation and reflection will also guide them to learn and develop an understanding of the target culture.