Arabic for Communication has been designed primarily to accommodate students, as well as members of the business community and government personnel who want to study Arabic for professional and career purposes, in a variety of learning environments. The current AC program employs the Gemini authoring package and consists of 4 CD-ROMs and a Users Guide. It contains 20 lessons based on motion video situational dialogues pertinent to travel, social and business interactions. Through its design and development, we have employed a variety of useful learning strategies intended to motivate learners to work at their own pace and to be in full control of their learning. When the project was undertaken in 1998 through a USDE grant, the Gemini authoring software and the Macintosh platform were best for handling Arabic font issues and the complex multimedia-based interactions in which students would engage. In the intervening years web capability and accessibility have significantly replaced stand-alone software in meeting the needs of users at the times and location of their choosing. Web-based delivery of the AC program will make the content accessible to more users for a longer period of time than the current Macintosh-based program.