I propose to produce several short video segments (20-40 minutes total time), in collaboration the LSA Instructional Support Services Learning Technologies & Consulting Group and the UMMA Mellon Academic Coordinator. These segments will be part of an integrated learning module, including readings, class activities in the museum, and writing assignments. The topic of the module will be the problem of thinking historically about people who traditionally have been viewed and represented as "without history." In particular students will be asked to use the Africa collection at UMMA to investigate practices of collection and display of so called "primitive" art objects. How are they collected? How are they described and depicted by museums? How does this compare with the ways that Western art is displayed? And particularly, how does this contribute to a notion that African society and cultures are timeless, somehow outside of the dynamic historical processes that we understand as fundamental to western art. The goal is to get students to apply these questions critically to UMMA's own collection.