Two undergraduate courses in psychology have been offered by Professor John Hagen over the past several years that are aimed at improving learning and bringing issues of diversity in learning to the students. The current course, "Psychology 218: Diversity and Effective Learning," has 24-30 freshmen and sophomores per term, coming from various units on campus which include LS&A, Business, Engineering, and Kinesiology. This course has been taught once or twice a year for two years, and during the Winter 2009 term it was taught in the new LearnLab in Mosher Jordan. A description of the specific features is presented below. Christine Bass, director of Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program (WISE) and the Michigan Research Community (MRC) also taught two seminars in the LearnLab to the students of her programs. She and Professor Hagen worked together to devise ways of maximizing use of these classrooms. Two research assistants served as observers for coding during class sessions, and periodically took video footage of student engagement. Overall, the classes were well-received by the students and the data obtained before and at the completion of the classes corroborated that positive things occurred during class. Some gains were found when before and after measures were taken using a standardized instrument. The observations found fairly strong evidence that (a) students' attention followed the expected patterns reported in research wherein attention waxes and wanes several times during the course of a class and (b) the instructor's behavior plays an important role in triggering attention changes, particularly by bringing students back on target with a change in activities or when group interactions are introduced. (see below for a summary of the student ratings and the data on attention paid during class, averaged over many class sessions). Given the success of the courses from the perspectives of both the students and faculty, more sophisticated design and evaluation tools will be employed when the course is taught this Fall, 2009.