Storyboards are an integral part of film production. They are used to convey complex visual information before any film is shot. Everyone from Producer to Camera Operator uses them to see how the shots of the movie are framed and edited, and thus tell the story. In the industry they are drawn by storyboard artists who have a thorough knowledge of how to represent space the way lenses present it, or with high-end software. LSA students seldom know how to draw representational images, let alone present these images the way different lenses do. This means that this valuable resource is unavailable to our students of Film, Television, Video and Digital production. Storyboards are usually critiqued in terms of the effectiveness of the visual storytelling. This important stage of feedback is likewise unavailable, to the detriment of the students' final work. I would like to have Frameforge3d available to our students in our computer labs to solve this problem.