Proposal Summary: Statistics 250 has a rich history of incorporating new technologies into the instruction of elementary statistics. Technology plays a central role in the evolution of statistics, with the field rapidly expanding as computing power has exponentially grown. Even the past decade the field has seen monumental growth, with more data being produced and stored every two days than all of human history until 2003 ( Due to this rapid growth, new software packages and techniques are under constant development in order to take advantage of the latest advances in the field. For the past several years, students have used the SPSS software package for the lab portion of statistics 250. This package, although once prominently used, has consistently declined in popularity both in academia and business in part because of its high cost and inflexibility. Even the social sciences it was originally designed for have started switching to less costly or more powerful alternatives. At the same time, the R software package has seen a huge surge in popularity both in academia and business. It is our goal to introduce students to the software using a specially designed software library recently developed for R called Mosiac. This software was designed to allow students who may not necessarily have a programming background to easily learn the basic programming required to use R effectively. Additionally, use of the ISS Advanced Videocasting Studio will allow us to supplement classroom and lab instruction through the use of screen-casting, providing supplementary videos students can watch at home or on their mobile devices. In order to accomplish these goals, we must create brand new content for each lab with a focus on incorporating course material and real-world examples in a way that solidifies the concepts the students learn in their weekly lectures.