Problem Roulette (PR) is a campus study aid introduced in introductory physics courses in 2012. PR has since grown to provide study services to students in Stats 250, Chem 130 and MCDB 310. When using the cloud-based service, a student chooses a topic or set of topics to study within a particular course, and the service then feeds her or him a series of randomly chosen problems from prior course exams associated with the chosen topic set. We seek funds to enrich the topical structure of our 2000+ physics problems, currently limited to four exam-based options. The expanded topical structure is intended to provide students finer control of their learning as well as provide researchers with more detailed information on how students study physics. The expansion will also provide flexibility for PR to maintain its utility to students as the assessment structure of our introductory classes evolves. A description of PR and its effectiveness for Phys 240 students in Fall 2012 term is published in Evrard et al., Am J Phys, 83, 76.