In recent years, I have used UMLessons for quizzes on reading;assignments in AC 206. Although reasonably satisfactory, this routine has been logistically awkward it takes considerable effort to review the;quizzes in class or to follow up on issues that arise in the quizzes. In-class quizzes facilitated by Quizdom would be logistically simpler and educationally more helpful since they would take place during class;sessions.; Until now, in-class quizzes would have taken up too much time to be practical. (See last semester's quiz schedule on CTools.) "AIDS in America" relies on an extensive schedule of guest speakers physicians, lawyers, social workers, basic scientists, workers from community organizations, HIV/AIDS patients.(See last semester's class;schedule on CTools.) The guests are dedicated and generous with their;time, though their skills as lecturers vary. My routine is to join them;at the front of the lecture room for the last ten to fifteen minutes to facilitate a discussion/question and answer session. This aspect of the course would be strengthened by the use of Qwizdom to poll the class about;which of the lecturer's topics they wish to pursue. My university-provided computer is a Mac, so I would need a PC laptop to implement this plan. In mid-June I contacted Kim Bayer to ask if it would be too late to have a Qwizdom order for this class included in the Fall order at the Computer Showcase. She has not gotten back to me yet, but she suggested that I inquire about a Level I grant in the interim. I have allowed "evansy" as an observer in the Ctools site Amcult 206 W07. The monthly calendars displayed by clicking on the links in the left-hand toolbar will display the quiz and lecture schedules which are relevant to this proposal.