Scientific computing is the field of study concerned with;constructing mathematical models and numerical solution techniques and;using computers to analyze and solve scientific, social scientific and;engineering problems. The development and simulation of computer programs;that model physical systems is becoming an integral part of mathematics, physics, and engineering curricula. This proposal requests funds to;support a two-day, hands-on workshop focused on practical techniques;useful for scientific computing. The topics and examples covered will be;general enough to be useful to students and faculty coming from a wide;range of disciplines. Apart from introductory material, the workshop will;consist entirely of hands-on exercises that will keep students and faculty;actively engaged for the full two-day event. Sample problems will be;presented and participants will be given time to construct solution;starting from an incomplete code fragment containing helpful hints. This will be followed by a brief discussion of the solution. The workshop is;targeted at students (graduate and undergraduate) and faculty in;engineering, mathematics and physics interested in learning about Python as a tool for teaching and research.