The Sweetland Writing Center supplements formal writing instruction by providing free services that help students improve their writing through one-on-one dialogue with Sweetland faculty and trained undergraduate peer tutors, both in person and online. Sweetlands Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides writing assistance to undergraduate students using an asynchronous distance learning model: students submit their writing via a web form and receive feedback from a peer tutor within 72 hours. While the OWL has been increasingly popular over the past several years & mdash usage is up over 100% since Fall 2007 & mdash there are still students who are not served by this service, specifically those who are unable, uncomfortable, or unwilling to visit the Writing Center in person, but learn better in an interactive setting, and/or belong to a generation of plugged-in users for whom instant messaging, video conferencing, and document-sharing are as comfortable as traditional face to face interactions, and who expect our services to incorporate such technology. In an effort to marry the benefits of physical face to face tutoring with the benefits of online tutoring, during Fall 2009-Winter 2010 the Sweetland Writing Center is piloting a synchronous online writing tutorial service, or SyncOWL, through which a student can connect with a tutor to receive feedback on their writing in real time using Web 2.0 tools. We offer this multi-modal distance-learning service as a model of online collaboration that complements our other writing assistance services: our face-to-face options & mdash faculty Writing Workshop and peer tutoring &mdash and our asynchronous OWL.