The Department of Afroamerican Studies and LSA have provided funding for students selected for this trip. The provost’s office has contributed both to student and some symposia support which will cover some speaker costs. This proposal is for the costs of documenting the symposia and teaching work in communities in Durban and Johannesburg. The symposia will gather participants both past and present and new students who will reflect and dialogue about the impact of the pedagogy of action (POA) on their lives, their commitment to social justice and their work. Speakers, former participants of the pedagogy of action will be presenting papers covering topics listed below. This is a small sample. Gabriel Peoples now a PhD student will be presenting on his dissertation: What’s Hip hop got to do with it: South Africa’s influence on the work of Feminism and praxis Carson Philips former first Gens president at U of M and now at University of Iowa as a graduate student has entitled his talk: “ I may be the first but I will not be the last” I am planning to discuss how my POA experience opened my eyes to a better understanding of educational privilege which in turn sparked my interest in first-generation college students. Mansi Goyal, now in India will present a paper entitled – POA consciousness and the restless search for meaning in my shifting roles and actions in India The fifteen years of work in South Africa have involved thousands of local participants many of them unknown. However a core group both in Durban and South Africa have continued to work on the HIV methodology and they will participate in the symposium as well and a selected number will be giving their own papers as well. The Pedagogy of Action 2015 will be documented and used as a teaching tool on the merits and complexity of experiential learning. The voice of the community in the “experience” is critical and an important tool to those seeking experiential learning. All of the papers and presentations will be published as a symposia proceedings, again as a text that will provide insight into the Pedagogy’s approach to praxis as opposed to experiential learning. These critiques are important to the bourgeoning field of experiential learning.