Linguistic semantics is the study of a formal model to calculate meaning. As such, it is perfectly suited to a computational implementation, and yet few such software tools exist. This project aims to create an easy-to-use semantic calculator for use in semantics classes. Since semantics is so closely related to syntax (the study of how words combine into phrases and sentences), the hallmark of this new tool will be the seamless integration of a syntactic tree module and a semantic calculation module. Students will be able to make changes to the syntactic tree -- such as adding a new node, or even simulating syntactic movement -- and immediately see the effects their changes make on the semantics. Such an immediate visual representation of this interaction should give beginning students a powerful new way to understand and explore the formal system behind meaning in language. An auxiliary goal is to build a system that can be extended in the future for use in syntax, phonology/morphology, and field methods classes.