Students in the GIEU program will hold workshops for children at a community center in Nogales, Mexico. The workshop's goal is to help the kids document their lives and the lives of their families and the community through film, video, and narrative. UM students will learn how to communicate with children about simple technologies by teaching them how to use digital and video cameras, printers, and how to create web documentaries, and even Youtube videos. In the process of teaching the kids how to use technological equipment to document their lives, UM students will learn how to teach with technology, how to interact with kids in a language in which they are unfamiliar using the technology itself as a form of communication, about the lives of the kids and the community with which they interact, and about how to create a web narrative that acts as a community resource for the people in Nogales. UM students will create a documentary of the their own experience to be presented at a university wide symposium in September. This project is about UM students using technology to teach basic skills to others and in the teaching, to learn about the lives of the others they teach.