Writing is a critical skill in second language learning. However, many students face challenges in actively engaging in writing activities, which are typically conventional compositions. Jung has observed that students in her class consider the composition activity as unoriginal and mundane, and therefore, only a few students in each class achieve proficiency in writing. In order to address this issue, Jung designed a newspaper-making activity with using Microsoft Publisher, and has observed positive effects on improving students’ writing skills across vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. However, although Publisher has made a positive effect on improving students’ writing skills, it has limits in supporting collaborative learning in an authentic setting. For example, students cannot share their work and give feedback to each other in real-time and an instructor cannot easily monitor each student’s progress during class. Moreover, since Publisher is not designed specifically for learners, it does not provide scaffolding features for writing, such as a support for proficiency awareness or monitoring tool for a student’s writing progress. Therefore, we propose creating an online collaborative second (foreign)-language writing environment, called K-zine, that is designed to provide beginning-high to advanced-high learners with a newspaper-making environment where they can freely share newspapers, give each other feedback, discuss ideas, with the help of learner-centered scaffolding features. Also, instructors can view the records of individual students’ progressions of writing skills and monitor their activities in real-time. In this proposal, we introduce the background and the purpose of this proposed project, followed by the detailed features of K-zine and our plan of study.