The idea of creating a website that will help the beginner learner of Italian master pronunciation and comprehension skills sprang from a need for an out-of-classroom tool that will enable students to practice these particular skills. A lack of a suitable material among wider instructional offerings in Italian reinforced my idea. The intent of this proposal is to develop a website that will focus on specific pronunciation and comprehension problems that students often encounter in their first year of studying Italian, and to improve their performance in these problem areas by using both traditional and innovative learning techniques. The instructor will first identify an individual student_Ñés pronunciation problem, and then direct him or her to use appropriate exercises on the website. The initial pronunciation practice will consist of traditional repetition exercises that will give the student a stronger awareness of his or her problem, thus help him or her correct or improve their performance in that area. The next step for the student will be the practice of pronunciation and comprehension skills through a series of new exercises based on the technology of audio and video clips.