It is well known that students learn best when they are engaged in the material and they participate in class. Participation is difficult to encourage in large lecture courses, especially when such courses don_Ñét meet in smaller discussion or lab groups. Cognitive Psychology (psych 240), when taught in the spring or summer terms, is an example of this kind of course; it enrolls 100 students with no discussion sections. I am applying for this grant because I would like to use qwizdom clicker technology to encourage active participation in lectures. I will build on the current psych 240 curriculum in order to do so. In the fall and winter terms, students complete quizzes with exam-like questions in discussion sections and review challenging concepts. Because I will not have discussion sections, I would like to students to complete these quizzes in class. I can receive immediate feedback from their responses in order to know what the most challenging concepts are that need review. Moreover, I will use this opportunity to keep track of individual student progress so that I can intervene to help struggling students before their first exam. Cognitive psychology is largely based on experiments, and my teaching philosophy is for students to develop scientific reasoning skills. To this end, I will also use qwizdom technology to conduct cognitive psychology experiments in perception, attention, memory, language, and reasoning. Such experiments will teach students about experimental design, how and why cognitive psychology is important to regular life, and these experiments will give students an additional way to remember course information and concepts, which will aid them at exam time. I am applying for this grant to provide clickers to all enrolled students, and to pay an assistant to help create appropriate quiz questions and experiments that will work with qwizdom technology. Though this technology has hardly been used before in the Psychology department, I think that it would be extremely useful in our other introductory courses, so I will also take time to write an evaluative report upon completion of my class that offers suggestions, examples, and pros and cons of the technology.