This project will create a four-credit course, with three weekly class meetings, that combines the current Spanish grammar review course (275) and the current introduction to literature in Spanish (276). The principal use of technology will be to create and deliver online the Spanish grammar review, resulting in a hybrid 275/276, with a new course number yet to be determined. We anticipate that the online component of the hybrid course will use computer-based diagnostic exams to determine each student's grammatical deficiencies, if any. In order to address grammatical deficiencies, this online course will combine grammar lessons presented via digital audio and PowerPoint presentations, electronically-formatted, self-correcting exercises and a combination of asynchronous and synchronous office hours via the CTools Forum or Chat Room, as well another chat app., such as TinyChat, iChat or Skype. We envision that the audio lessons will be downloadable from iTunes U, so students can listen to a grammar review at any time. In-class discussions will focus on reading and responding orally to literary texts, as well as on the integration of the grammatical and lexical material delivered online. Besides using the readings to develop analytical literary skills, the students will use this linguistic input to identify and produce target grammatical and lexical forms. Grammar will be evaluated in writing assignments. Students will also purchase a customized textbook, combining a grammar reference and an introduction to literature.