The proposed lecture course, History of Crime and Drugs in Modern America, is very much a work in development. I plan to start the class in the mid-1800s and take a global comparative approach when useful. Rather than seek to provide a comprehensive survey, I would like to teach the course topically, which I think would make it much easier to integrate innovative technological and interactive approaches. The funding request is designed to generate support for me and the team of graduate students to brainstorm about the course, research multimedia sources, think big about ways to generate engaged learning and bring in multiple resources, and more. So I don't have a polished abstract for the course itself, if that is what this box is asking for. I imagine that we'd focus on certain topics--Prohibition of alcohol, for example, the crack cocaine 'epidemic,' the confluence of 'illegal' immigration and crime politics at the border with Mexico, the global sex trade and American prostitution, and etc. But rather than lecture to students and then assign discussion readings, I'd like this to be an interactive class where on some days a couple groups might give reports, on other days we might teleconference with an expert (a prison warden, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, etc.) or have people who have made history or been its target visit the class. This is all very open-ended, and if I need to provide more details to receive the funding I will, but the funding is really foundational to doing the work that will fill out the details.