In order to individualize language learning paths and increase engagement and learning, ELI faculty member Pamela Bogart will design a game-inspired course structure and Canvas integration for ELI 510, Academic Reading and Vocabulary Development. The game-inspired pedagogy for this course will emphasize --Individualization: students making choices about which paths they take to reach learning objectives, and even which learning objectives are most important to them, --Collaboration: a community of learners where collaboration is critical to success, --Additive participation: “leveling up” toward an A, rather than starting with an A and always worrying about messing it up with one assignment, Mastery: encouraging practice toward mastery by reducing the risk associated with failure and repetition. Complementary use of GradeCraft to facilitate this game-inspired individualized pedagogy will be investigated and integrated if deemed effective. If it is determined that GradeCraft will not work, the course will still be taught with a game-inspired individualized pedagogy, taking advantage of Canvas features such as Learning Outcomes, Rubrics, Modules, and cumulative points grading as mechanisms to support this pedagogy. In other words, the whole course will be designed to engage students in collaborative enhancement of reading and vocabulary usage and to train advanced language learners to continue self-directed learning after the conclusion of the course.