Using a method of gender awareness developed by Dr. Haniff,students in 443 will work with high school students at Belleville high school and Central Academy in Ann Arbor. Belleville High School is 50% Afro-American and Central Academy entirely Muslim. The 443 students will be trained by Dr. Haniff who will also be present at these sites along her assistants who worked on piloting this project at Belleville High School this summer. Readings on race and gender inequality will form the theoretical foundation of the class which will also analyze the underpinnings of empowerment.The objectives of this gender module are the following:. 443 students will mentor their thinking about tertiary education and its importance for young women.b Support their cultural authenticity while listening to their challenges of being American. c Discuss the current fears of race and religion in America d.Explore the ways they can have a voice about the world they live in by illustrating how social media can be used to amplify their stories of gender in their world and e. develop strategies in circumventing the gender obstacles which will arise as they attempt to be fully human either in their personal or professional lives.