History 103 is a new "gateway"course for freshmen and sophomores. 103 is designed to accomplish three things. First- It is an introduction to a particular focus on the past. In my case it will be Michigan and the University of Michigan. This will not be a chronological survey. Rather I have selected 13 themes (one per week). Second-- The central concept of 103 is that by studying a particular focus of history, one can get a window into the larger world of the historian and of how we come to know and use the past. Third-- the course, especially this one, is designed to open to the students the potential and limits of the archives as a source for understanding. I would really like to have some assistance during the winter term (2014) to help in the addition of film and audio to my presentations and to be sure that the presentations go off without a problem during the class sessions.--and to think about archives based class assignments.