The CHEM 260 Honors studio was originally developed to address the need for an appropriate textbook in the general CHEM 260 Chemical Principles course, and is open to all students. CHEM 260 serves as an intermediate between general chemistry and upper-level physical chemistry courses, and is required for all chemistry and biochemistry majors. No textbook exactly conforms to the unique academic level of the course, so the CHEM 260H studio was designed as an avenue to create a student-generated quantum chemistry textbook at the appropriate level. To encourage creative learning and increase usability, the textbook format was shifted from written text to wiki-site entries, however the textbook has never been incorporated into the general course. The work in this proposal aims to integrate the CHEM 260H studio into the general CHEM 260 course. Currently the general course is undergoing changes to include interactive lecture and discussion within class sessions, as well as emphasize connections between course topics to underlying physical chemical principles. Simultaneously, the Honors studio will be transformed to cover all course topics including quantum chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and kinetics. The students will generate wiki-textbook entries aligned with course goals, where the entries will specifically connect various chemical applications to underlying physical principles. Likewise, the entries will include problem sets and answer keys, as well as student discussion of common misconceptions. The synchronized development of CHEM 260 and CHEM 260H will allow for integration of the wiki-textbook into the general course curriculum, benefiting both honors and general course students.