Jinyi and Laura have been working with Prof. David Porter (Department of English) since December 2011 testing and evaluating a pilot version of his Chinese Character Trainer Application for use by our First-year Chinese students. The App uses stroke animation to show stroke order and direction for writing a particular character, and then allows the student to practice writing that character on the device’s touch screen. The App provides immediate audio sound effect and visual feedback on each stroke drawn by the student. There are also levels for training, flashcard, and testing to take our students from the first encounter with a character to writing it accurately from memory. A trial version of the App, including characters from two lessons of AL101, was made available to our enrolled students this past semester (W12), most of whom (78%) owned the requisite touch-screen mobile devices. The App was also installed on two iPads purchased by the Language Resource Center for dedicated use in the Center by our students without devices. Student feedback was positive but limited because of (a) students’ initial difficulties downloading the App, (b) the small number of lessons then available on the pilot version, and (c) the fact that neither Jinyi nor Laura own a touch-screen mobile device to demonstrate the App’s multiple functions and help students troubleshoot. The App represents the first curricular introduction of mobile app technology into the Chinese Language Program at the University of Michigan. For the instructors, Jinyi and Laura, this is our first experience introducing mobile app technology into our Chinese language instruction. For a demo of App functions, please click on https://www.umich.edu/~zhongwen/animation/index.html → YouTube → Chinese Character Training App.