Support is requested in adapting existing software (SketchUp) to allow MUSEUMS 301 students to complete a term-long assignment known as the Digital Curation Project. Class students are required to design an online exhibit space that will demonstrate their knowledge of the various steps required to conceive and execute a museum exhibition, i.e., the development of a concept, the selection and documentation of three-dimensional objects that will be used to tell the story of the exhibit, the creation of objects labels and interpretive panels, and the installation of digital images (objects and labels), all in three dimensional space--in this case a museum "gallery" with movable walls, cases and vitrines, wall space, and various entrances and exits. In previous years proprietary software called "Virtual Gallerie" was leased to support the creation of students' digital galleries but ongoing problems with the limitations of the software has forced us to consider other options. In fact, LSA ISS is unable to support Virtual Gallerie in the future; the need for a replacement for fall 2014 is critical. Support is requested to create a "new" product that will be able to meet the immediate needs of a fall 2014 class and to provide ongoing support to class instructors, students, and the need for inevitable changes to the "new" product. The Digital Curation Project is an integral component of MUSEUMS 301 and counts for one third of students' grades over the course of the term.