This project is intended to develop a multimedia approach to the learning of the Spanish Language in the context of art, fashion and design in Spain. To accomplish this goal we will review specific topics, ncluding the main Spanish painters, architectural landmarks, urbanism, current fashion designers, jewelry, sculpture, clothing complements, traditional dresses, and graphic designs through Spanish History. These topics will guide students to understand the role of art in Spanish society and everyday life. In addition we will introduce grammar topics in a contextualized manner to practice and reinforce the use of the language. A textbook will be prepared with readings for every chapter illustrated by hundreds of pictures. Every chapter will have three objectives: The first one will be an introduction to a cultural topic. The second will be to practice vocabulary and comprehension. The third one will be to practice grammar in a contextualized way through conversation and personalization. In class we will look at video clips and listen to Spanish music. We will also have power point presentations. Students will have to watch movies related to the subject which will be available through our class site. We will also have an organized visit to the University Museum. For this purpose the use of web site technologies is essential to collect and record all information necessary for the content of the course.