Anishinaabemoyaang Kchi-Saabakiing: Speaking Anishinaabe in the Web 2.0 Environment will define and implement a standard system for the creation and delivery of advanced resources in the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) language. This project will also encompass the production of resources including two subtitled videos, three interactive picture books and two interactive lessons in the natural sciences. By using interactive, multi-media mash-ups of audio, graphics, and text, we will meet the objectives of the language course and provide students with activities high in technical, cultural, and academic relevance. Students will be working together to create materials for their own class, the classes prior to theirs in sequence, and for all of our website users. Our project explores new ways of creating curriculum for the digital natives of today's classroom who expect a learning environment that is non-linear dynamic, collaborative and participatory. By addressing these needs and opportunities in the Web 2.0 environment, we will be exploring the remediation of narrative that occurs as texts and readers are networked. The resources created as part of this project will become available to users around the world.