We propose to investigate a web-based peer review system, SWoRD[1], to support writing-based pedagogy in five introductory STEM courses: Chemistry 216, Chemistry 482, Chemistry 130, Physics 135, Physics 235. The pilot study will use an existing set of writing prompts, which were successfully tested with Chemistry and Physics students through SSGs (peer lead groups called Structured Study Groups[2]), to investigate the efficacy of web-based peer review systems, such as SWoRD, for wide scale implementation in STEM courses at UM. [1] http://www.pantherlearning.com/blog/ accessed July 22, 2013 [2] Varma-Nelson, P.; Coppola, B. P. “Team Learning.” In, Pienta, N.; Cooper, M. M.; Greenbowe, T.; “Chemist’s Guide to Effective Teaching” Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, 2005; 155-169.