Create a website2012 project I Don't Even KNow Where To Start": teaching problem Solving Skills funded by the LSA IAA allowed to: Record 48 videos spanning approximately 30 most difficult topics from 13 chapters of the CHM 130 textbook
Organize developed materials by concepts Record instructions for solving some of the most challenging exam problems
The website was completed by the end of the Winter 2013 and up to date it registered over 8,000 unique views. 2013 project “Creation and Implementation of the Problem Roulette as a Complementary CHM 130 Study Aid” funded by the LSA ISS allowed to: Identify existing learning materials as high quality Organize problem library (i) by chapter and (ii) by exam Problem Roulette service became available to students starting Populate database with problem locations and correct answersFall 2013 first with about 200 questions and by the end of the term with total over 1000 problems. Despite its optional nature, a large fraction of students use the service. Preliminary analysis from the Fall 2013 shows that the mean course grade improved to 2.81 from 2.60 for the two preceding terms. Learning and synthesizing concepts are critical to success in STEM areas. Therefore expanding on this project we would like to add to each question a detailed solution and explanation created by students enrolled in it.